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All donations received from anyone other than the Callen family*, less any PayPal fees on donated fund,are distributed to Ohio military families. PayPal fees can represent between 3% and 2.9% of the amount of the funds donated through PayPal, based on the size of the donation. Please note that if you have a PayPal account this will be the default option when you press the "Donate" button.

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 The Callen Foundation, is an IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  The purpose of our foundation is to raise money for the families of Ohio active duty military families. These families are in need of daily subsistence items such as food, clothing, baby items, utility payments and basic repairs.  Our ultimate focus will be on helping those families in Ohio.  All recepeints are vetted by our policy of only accepting requests from those individuals that are referred from the Ohio National Guard's Family Assistance Centers.  

Everyone wants to support the troops. There are plenty of bumper stickers, ribbons and signs promoting support for the troops. But in reality the real support they need is financial. Most are paid little to begin with so raising a family is especially difficult. There are national programs that help with big items like mortgage payments and trips to visit injured troops in hospitals. As we are a small  foundation our mission is to try and help with the little things to help these struggling Ohio active duty military families get what they need as soon as possible.  

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Chris D. Callen






Full Disclosure- Please note that all administration expenses to include checking account fees, website maintenance, bookkeeping, tax preparation, office supplies, etc are paid for with a separate donation by Chris & Lynn Callen to offset these expenses.  So technically their donations are not used to send to recipients.

IRS Statement: The Callen Foundation Is A Recognized 501 (c) (3) , Not-For-Profit, Organization Organized In The State Of Ohio Under Certificate Number: 2066256. Federal ID: 45-3912882. Donations To The Callen Foundation May Be Tax Deductible. Please Check With Your Tax Advisor To See If This Applies To You. The IRS advises that it is up to the contributor to estimate the fair market value of his/her donation

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